Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Strongly Suggest:

I hold the notion that personal blogs should be pleasant to read regardless of political beliefs and background, and welcoming of all respectful input. Because of this I make a point to not include discussion of my personal politics, even though a quarter of my day is spent mired in the stuff (were you not aware?). Regardless, I am sure everyone has guessed that I am strongly conservative (according to the current definitions - if you've got the correct definition anyway). The following is not meant to isolate or offend anyone, and you can decide if you wish to continue on or not.

If you would like to hear some patriotic inspiration, I would suggest you watch this video of a recent speech by Marco Rubio. This man says so many things that are so spot on and emboldening that, no matter your political leanings, it is sure to spark something within you. There are so many lines and quotes that I would mention that I could do nothing less than post the entire video. I would urge you to stick around for the entire thing, but will instead advise you to make sure you have a full twenty-three minutes of spare time to watch before pressing play, as you will not want to pause it once started.

To offer two asides: 1. I would be annoyed to give a speech where people started clapping at any time they want, though I wouldn't mind the occasional "Amen!" or "Let's hear it Sister!" 2. If he stays on this path, I would proudly vote for him in the future, given the opportunity.

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