Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why, hello there.

It is time for me to be a better person and start blogging more. I mean, "again."

How will this make me a better person? Well, let me tell you.
I got nothin'.

But there are some better people I know that blog regularly. And some memory of a quote is coming into my head now...: something about association and causation. Eh, it's probably not important.

So, some people I like that blog regularly: Natalie (has fun little boy, younger than Trey but is passing him up in everything already), Connie (but of course. always cute and thoughtful posts, and love the photography), Christine (probably doesn't know I read, and sometimes read to Mike. does this genius weekly sibling report that is always a hoot), Katie (has been on a roll lately thanks to a personal goal. stick around even though it's over soon!), and Katie (way fun girl and blog, I especially appreciate her Sunday posts. also genius.)

My favorite blogs: The Pioneer Woman (of course.) (her picture holds a place next to Jesus on our mantle), Boolworm Room, and Althouse.

Also, I have a baby.