Thursday, August 13, 2009

Separate Thoughts

I think I am different from some people. Right now anyway.

Work has been really busy and crazy. And really good. I work hard there.

My "Y" key is still off my keyboard. It's because I'm a Sun Devil for life.

There is a giant spider in my office. He hangs out under a skylight all day long and then the next day is on the other side of the room under another skylight.

I love my husband a really lot.

I love my china a really lot. I really wish that my pedastal cake dish was not dead.

I have been running more lately than a doctor would let me if we had the monies to go to one. But just on dirt and if I have to cross over concrete or asphalt I walk or hop across on my left foot.

My co-worker's name is Yvette. She also answers to "you bet."

My apartment smells different everytime I walk in it.

I really like the book I'm reading to Mike right now. I like it more than he does. He doesn't like books as much as I do.

Mike needs a haircut soon.

Lately, the easiest/best-looking hairstyle for me is a low, messy fluted bun. or two. with a ribbon around my head. I think I've been wearing ribbons in my hair for always.

In high school this girl made fun of my ribbons. I don't remember if I cared or not.

Cows. Gee whiz.

I love throws so much. We got some for our wedding and had some already. So now we have a bunch. And I love them so much. I only use one throw, though.

Playing a piano is better than playing a keyboard, but playing a keyboard is better than not playing a piano.

We won't buy a house for a while. We don't see any reason to, and rather think it would be foolish.

I like when people get married.

There's a big patch of drywall replaced on our wall. I wonder what happened.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I recently (yesterday) got a new phone to replace my poor chocolate, which has chunks missing out of it from the many times it has gone flying across various parkng lots. While transferring my pictures over, I realized I have a lot of this one little kid, so I decided to tell you all about him.

This is my nephew Carter. He is one of many (many many many), but he is seen so often on my phone because I lived with him and his parents for a year. His cutest year.

Here is a list about things that Carter likes:

Carter likes watching TV. ...
.............during haircuts.

............sitting in laundry baskets.

.............while on the phone.
(this particular morning I had come out of my room to find him sitting there. like that. just watching his morning cartoon.)

................and always with his lechejugojuice

Carter likes lechejugojuice. ....

Now, Carter has never been to Jugo Juice, a shop in Mesa. The picture above actually means nothing to Carter because he can't read yet. Carter's parents are both fluent spanish speakers, so they birthed a little white boy that speaks a jumble of spanglish. This is the basics of the most common interchange in that house:

Carter: I want lechejugojuice
Mom: Que dices?
Carter: Pleaseporfavor (while rubbing his belly)

He doesn't always stick to just his milk though -- not if there's a Camelbak around. If it weren't for this kid, I wouldn't have discovered the lifesaver of a water sprayer that a broken mouth-piece is. Heaven on a hot day.

Carter likes eyewear. ...

......of all kinds. And looks good in it.

Carter likes to dress up. ... anything that's around really.

Here is one of Carter's best. This is from the early days of potty training. Those are boxers.

Carter likes eating. ....

..............and making a mess of it. You should have seen this meal. With each bite, more made it on his body than made it to his mouth. He was confused as to why I was cracking up.

.............and here is a classic Carter. This was either his birthday or the day after his birthday. He had just gotten that dinosaur and loved it. When I walked up to him and found this sight, though, he turned to me and said, very sadly, nearly on the verge of tears, "The dinosaur ate my muffin."

So there's Carter. He's pretty cool. I hear that nowadays he's growing up more and is far more interested in Batman than anything else (even Veggie Tales). Yet, I'll always remember him best as the kid that would come into my room at seven in the morning and casually open the conversation by saying, "So, how was work honey?" because that's a natural conversation starter, and the kid who runs up and down under the rain run-off,

and the kid that is for hours entertained by my toothbrush sarcophagus.

(and can say it, too)