Thursday, August 13, 2009

Separate Thoughts

I think I am different from some people. Right now anyway.

Work has been really busy and crazy. And really good. I work hard there.

My "Y" key is still off my keyboard. It's because I'm a Sun Devil for life.

There is a giant spider in my office. He hangs out under a skylight all day long and then the next day is on the other side of the room under another skylight.

I love my husband a really lot.

I love my china a really lot. I really wish that my pedastal cake dish was not dead.

I have been running more lately than a doctor would let me if we had the monies to go to one. But just on dirt and if I have to cross over concrete or asphalt I walk or hop across on my left foot.

My co-worker's name is Yvette. She also answers to "you bet."

My apartment smells different everytime I walk in it.

I really like the book I'm reading to Mike right now. I like it more than he does. He doesn't like books as much as I do.

Mike needs a haircut soon.

Lately, the easiest/best-looking hairstyle for me is a low, messy fluted bun. or two. with a ribbon around my head. I think I've been wearing ribbons in my hair for always.

In high school this girl made fun of my ribbons. I don't remember if I cared or not.

Cows. Gee whiz.

I love throws so much. We got some for our wedding and had some already. So now we have a bunch. And I love them so much. I only use one throw, though.

Playing a piano is better than playing a keyboard, but playing a keyboard is better than not playing a piano.

We won't buy a house for a while. We don't see any reason to, and rather think it would be foolish.

I like when people get married.

There's a big patch of drywall replaced on our wall. I wonder what happened.


Connie said...

your thoughts are awesome. I especially love the running- you've inspired me.

Connie said...

Whoa- Crazy, twins!

Sadly, no we won't be there. Tony doesn't get here till tomorrow night anyway... but I have a family thing. We need to have you guys over sometime! Mike promised bean dip. :p

Connie said...

Oh and I just remembered we have the same birthday AND we both play piano. wild.

Kyle and Katie Willman said...

Hey there! I just wanted to stop by and say Happy Birthday!!!

rindy said...

i think you are different too. and that's why we love you.... :-) you have some crazy and very entertaining yet creative thoughts. you crack me up shir!

Jake said...

Nice background your blog looks so more official now.

Kristin said...

how do I not know you have a blog?? weird. how are you!? ed week is like EFY classes for older than 14ers on every topic imaginable. it's amazing. seriously. how are you?!

eric keith said...

shirley. i love your blog always. i love that you still wear ribbons in your hair. and i hope Mike appreciates it because i remember that you wore them in high school. i loved it.

how is arizona? work? i love that the Y on your keyboard is broken. Fitting.