Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dead Men Tell No Tales, Unless They Put It On the Internets First

I would like you all to know the huge risk I am taking, the danger I am putting myself in for your entertainment: I could be shot for this. Or at the very least: ruin my marriage.

You see, about a year ago Mike and I sent out homemade postcards to our family and close friends announcing our pregnancy.

Pregnancy Announcement

If you go to any of my siblings' houses you are very likely to see this picture still hanging out on the fridge, or even have a more honored spot. Some of my neices and nephews still ask why Mike had a big belly and what happened to it.

Most people have already seen that picture, since, after everyone received it in the mail, we put it up on facebook. What they haven't seen, though, are the outtakes.

This one was the runner-up contender for the final post card. Lost by just a hair.


Mike is all about pregnant booty.


And finally, the kicker:


I've posted this here before, but a little later, once we had found out the gender of our love child, we emailed this out to the same mailing list (and subsequently posted it to facebook):

Now, to make up a tiny bit for what I've done to Mike, the best, handsomest, strongest, most forgiving man that I love oh so incredibly much, I will show you all this:

Space Mountain

Can you tell how much I love roller coasters? Jack makes 90% of this picture. And what's with bored loner in the back?

Monday, July 25, 2011

You know those people that you just admire for everything they are and everything you see in them? Those people are all around me. It’s crazy.

My Visiting Teaching companion, Sarah, is one of those people. We’ve been partners since I received my Visiting Teaching calling in this ward sometime soon after we moved in, two and a half years ago. The things I have learned from and of her truly make me wish to share more of a relationship outside of VT.

While I am the one that will always come with baked goods (because that’s all I know how to do) or spend way too long attempting to put something cutesy together, she always has some kind amazing knack or d├ęcor item ready to give or drop off if we’re unable to meet with our girls.

While I stumble and stutter through small talk or an awkward lesson (can’t I just have cue cards?), Sarah easily chats, transitions, and shares the best of her testimony.

Plus, she and her husband are the best looking couple in the ward.

Overall, Sarah is the type of person everyone wants to know and take inspiration from.

About a year and a half ago a special miracle occurred in Sarah’s life, and I can’t help but feel emotional and so happy every time I hear it. She and her husband recently shared part of their story in one of those “I’m a Mormon” videos that have been coming out. Please watch and see a little of why I admire her so:

It baffles me that so many amazing and incredible people are unable to have the children they desire so much, and that they are forced to go through harrowing treatments and/or adoption woes. I cannot imagine how it would be to have that lot in life.

On the other side, I hurt so for the children that are unwanted in the womb, or those that come here and do not have a happy family as I was blessed with. I am so happy for people, like Chance and Sarah, that take these children into their hearts and homes to be their own.

It’s a weird dream to have, but I hope that one day the timing and situation is right for me to be a part of bringing happiness to a lonely child’s life (and that Mike would be willing as well), or at least be able to foster.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Oh Goodness

Picture from this weekend's reuinion:


Check out that belly! No, not the baby's. Mine. Goodness gracious, what happened? Yeah I had a kid, but this softness is in the last month recent. I'm still at the same 10-pounds-over-pre-baby-weight, but I guess all that extra has decided to start pooling in one place. Sadly.

Since my neighbor already watches my kid so I can work, would anyone like to volunteer to watch the adorable cuteness so I can be a runner again?

Coming tomorrow: Ode to my Visiting Teaching companion.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tide Test

You know those Tide commercials where the kids come in covered in stains, mom smiles a happy, knowing smile, because she's got it covered of course, and then you see a before and after of the stained clothes (presumably the kids stripped down in the laundry room - ha remember having to ever do that?)?

I got some of the new Tide Stain Remover for really cheap with a coupon and current sale and had the perfect opportunity to test it out when Trey had a nasty blowout. He's always providing me with great opportunities for things. Children are so great.

Here is your before picture. This is after I had scrubbed it down with soap (if eating, please stop chewing at this point):

Tide Test

While waiting for the outcome, Baby played Super Trey with Daddy and Grandpa...

Super Trey

...and Mike and I discussed how I prefer Trey in "butt tight" onsies and he likes them too big. If Trey could speak I'm sure he'd say something about wanting them to be just right.

When the dryer buzzed, this is what we pulled out:

Tide Test

He can wear it again!

Also, why is it that we always decide to start an episode of Bones during dinner? We never learn.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Day of Movies

These have all entertained me today:

This one I can only link to since it was uploaded to facebook:

My brothers.

Muppets are genius:

And speaking of Muppets, are you excited for this? (and did you know Flight of the Conchords is doing the music and directing? I think it's the perfect place for them.)

Also, I was wasting time by reading my really old blog posts this morning. I guess it's a good thing, but I find my-back then-self  quite an entertaining read. For a loser of course.

UPDATE: I almost forgot that I really liked this this week as well. He didn't win his race, but I much approve of his suggested "culture of adoption:"

Monday, July 11, 2011


Mike and I were watching some Kids Say the Darndest Things with Art Linkletter clips the other day. That's some good stuff. I decided that I now want every video there ever could be of that show for my birthday. I'll even take the Cosby stuff from when I was younger.

While we were watching, I wondered why, since this was pure gold, they didn't still have a similar show running?

Mike answered, "They can't. The kids could say the wrong thing." Heaven forbid.

What a sad time to live, when the darndest things kids could say can't even be said. Be disrespectful and disreputable all you want, just as long as you're pc.

Trey is so good at eating, Let me tell you all about it!

He will eat normally for a couple of bites, but then he will start to blow on the spoon as it goes into his mouth, plastering his upper lip with strawberries and pears, or whatever it is he is eating at the moment. His next move is to snort up as much ofthe food he can get before I wipe it up. His nose then drips food for the next hour, or, if I get lucky, he'll sneeze a ton of it out all at once (and all over everything)! It's such an efficient way to eat, I don't know why everyone doesn't do it!


Mike is pretty nice to me.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Music for your listening pleasure as you read this post:

Mike and I love San Diego. Love love. San Diego has it all: beautiful weather, beautiful beaches, beautiful temple, Luigi’s, Julia’s in-laws, and other stuff.

At the Beach

We love San Diego. In fact, we might even consider marrying it if we weren’t already in a committed relationship with the Valley.


San Diego is our secret lover that the neighbor’s whisper about behind our backs. Oh sure, we’ve got history and a beautiful relationship with AZ, the stuff that keeps us together, but everyone’s got their own turf infidelities, and if that’s something you balk at, we’ll just call it a “confusion” or “weakness.” (“Honey, it was a moment of weakness! She was flashing her BEACHES at me! How could I resist?!)

At the Beach

San Diego is the cute, younger kind of lover we could never really take seriously, but, even so, feel ourselves longing for if we don’t sneak away for a visit every couple months. In those times, we convince her of our love and fill her with false hopes, and then too soon drive away, back to the warm, familiar bed waiting.

At the Beach

Now the Valley, of course, knows all about this arrangement, but could never admit to herself that she can’t hold our short attention (I have needs woman!). She thought that a baby would finally help to hold us down and monopolize our affections (I think that’s the start of every Maury or Jerry Springer episode), and that did work for a bit, but really, what can you expect with such a track record.


But we are back now, and always will come back, because our AZ love is true.

At the Beach

(the same may not be true if you were to ever bring up Denver to Mike. Now SHE is a whole different story.)

Friday, July 1, 2011


We're headed off for the weekend, and couldn't be more excited! This is our first trip since baby. We've been meaning/wanting to take little weekend cabin trips, but every time we've been able to someone else has reserved it. That's what we get for being so(,what some may call last minute or lame, but we just refer to as) flexible.

In preparation for our First Road Trip Ever With Baby, I spent a million ton of time this week making a million ton of fruit leather. And now that I've got it all portioned and neatly stacked, I don't want anything to do with it. Anyone want some?

Here are basic fruit leather instructions:

1. Dice up your fruit.

(the mango actually turned out the best) (also, I'm not big on mango, but I discovered I am the mango master. look at that perfect thing!)

2. Cook your fruit.


3. Blend your fruit.

(this is the strawberry before the straining proces. that's optional. for those who don't prefer strawberry seeds.) (like Mike.)

4. Make sure your baby practices his piano (also optional).


5. Spread the blended fruits in every pan you've got and let sit in the oven and/or sun for all the day long.

6. Do with it whatever your patience allows.

See ya'll when we get back! Have a wonderful Independence Day!

(it's true that one thing I regret about leaving is missing all the cool blog giveaways from the holiday weekend. Yes, I actually thought about that.)

(mango master)