Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dead Men Tell No Tales, Unless They Put It On the Internets First

I would like you all to know the huge risk I am taking, the danger I am putting myself in for your entertainment: I could be shot for this. Or at the very least: ruin my marriage.

You see, about a year ago Mike and I sent out homemade postcards to our family and close friends announcing our pregnancy.

Pregnancy Announcement

If you go to any of my siblings' houses you are very likely to see this picture still hanging out on the fridge, or even have a more honored spot. Some of my neices and nephews still ask why Mike had a big belly and what happened to it.

Most people have already seen that picture, since, after everyone received it in the mail, we put it up on facebook. What they haven't seen, though, are the outtakes.

This one was the runner-up contender for the final post card. Lost by just a hair.


Mike is all about pregnant booty.


And finally, the kicker:


I've posted this here before, but a little later, once we had found out the gender of our love child, we emailed this out to the same mailing list (and subsequently posted it to facebook):

Now, to make up a tiny bit for what I've done to Mike, the best, handsomest, strongest, most forgiving man that I love oh so incredibly much, I will show you all this:

Space Mountain

Can you tell how much I love roller coasters? Jack makes 90% of this picture. And what's with bored loner in the back?


katielizabethawkes said...

well isn't that just the best video i've EVER seen. i think i might go get prego, just so i can make one of those videos. but you know.......i have some steps in between. stay tuned.

Megs said...

That video really is amazing....Congrats!!