Friday, July 1, 2011


We're headed off for the weekend, and couldn't be more excited! This is our first trip since baby. We've been meaning/wanting to take little weekend cabin trips, but every time we've been able to someone else has reserved it. That's what we get for being so(,what some may call last minute or lame, but we just refer to as) flexible.

In preparation for our First Road Trip Ever With Baby, I spent a million ton of time this week making a million ton of fruit leather. And now that I've got it all portioned and neatly stacked, I don't want anything to do with it. Anyone want some?

Here are basic fruit leather instructions:

1. Dice up your fruit.

(the mango actually turned out the best) (also, I'm not big on mango, but I discovered I am the mango master. look at that perfect thing!)

2. Cook your fruit.


3. Blend your fruit.

(this is the strawberry before the straining proces. that's optional. for those who don't prefer strawberry seeds.) (like Mike.)

4. Make sure your baby practices his piano (also optional).


5. Spread the blended fruits in every pan you've got and let sit in the oven and/or sun for all the day long.

6. Do with it whatever your patience allows.

See ya'll when we get back! Have a wonderful Independence Day!

(it's true that one thing I regret about leaving is missing all the cool blog giveaways from the holiday weekend. Yes, I actually thought about that.)

(mango master)


shirley elizabeth said...

I hate when blogger doesn't let you keep the spacing you want. Lay-aim.

Kayla said...

All that fruit looks MIGHTY tasty. Might have to try this sometime, I love fruit leather. Also, your baby is pretty cute. :) Have a fun time on your trip!