Monday, July 25, 2011

You know those people that you just admire for everything they are and everything you see in them? Those people are all around me. It’s crazy.

My Visiting Teaching companion, Sarah, is one of those people. We’ve been partners since I received my Visiting Teaching calling in this ward sometime soon after we moved in, two and a half years ago. The things I have learned from and of her truly make me wish to share more of a relationship outside of VT.

While I am the one that will always come with baked goods (because that’s all I know how to do) or spend way too long attempting to put something cutesy together, she always has some kind amazing knack or décor item ready to give or drop off if we’re unable to meet with our girls.

While I stumble and stutter through small talk or an awkward lesson (can’t I just have cue cards?), Sarah easily chats, transitions, and shares the best of her testimony.

Plus, she and her husband are the best looking couple in the ward.

Overall, Sarah is the type of person everyone wants to know and take inspiration from.

About a year and a half ago a special miracle occurred in Sarah’s life, and I can’t help but feel emotional and so happy every time I hear it. She and her husband recently shared part of their story in one of those “I’m a Mormon” videos that have been coming out. Please watch and see a little of why I admire her so:

It baffles me that so many amazing and incredible people are unable to have the children they desire so much, and that they are forced to go through harrowing treatments and/or adoption woes. I cannot imagine how it would be to have that lot in life.

On the other side, I hurt so for the children that are unwanted in the womb, or those that come here and do not have a happy family as I was blessed with. I am so happy for people, like Chance and Sarah, that take these children into their hearts and homes to be their own.

It’s a weird dream to have, but I hope that one day the timing and situation is right for me to be a part of bringing happiness to a lonely child’s life (and that Mike would be willing as well), or at least be able to foster.


katielizabethawkes said...

shirley. that video was beautiful! i love everything about this. dang teary eyes.

Bridget "Fun" Lynott said...

I adore her and don't even know her.

Long Stories said...

Wow. It makes my heart ache in a good way :)