Monday, July 11, 2011


Mike and I were watching some Kids Say the Darndest Things with Art Linkletter clips the other day. That's some good stuff. I decided that I now want every video there ever could be of that show for my birthday. I'll even take the Cosby stuff from when I was younger.

While we were watching, I wondered why, since this was pure gold, they didn't still have a similar show running?

Mike answered, "They can't. The kids could say the wrong thing." Heaven forbid.

What a sad time to live, when the darndest things kids could say can't even be said. Be disrespectful and disreputable all you want, just as long as you're pc.

Trey is so good at eating, Let me tell you all about it!

He will eat normally for a couple of bites, but then he will start to blow on the spoon as it goes into his mouth, plastering his upper lip with strawberries and pears, or whatever it is he is eating at the moment. His next move is to snort up as much ofthe food he can get before I wipe it up. His nose then drips food for the next hour, or, if I get lucky, he'll sneeze a ton of it out all at once (and all over everything)! It's such an efficient way to eat, I don't know why everyone doesn't do it!


Mike is pretty nice to me.


Christine and Richie said...

I LOVE Kid's Say the Darndest Things !! I recorded a bunch of episodes on a VHS back in the day and still watch it today. And the Cosby Show is a favorite too, of course. Classic. Love the updates. Keep them coming.

Courtney B said...

I wish they still had shows like Kid's Say the Darndest Things! I remember watching that when I was young :)
And your little boy is addddorable!