Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tide Test

You know those Tide commercials where the kids come in covered in stains, mom smiles a happy, knowing smile, because she's got it covered of course, and then you see a before and after of the stained clothes (presumably the kids stripped down in the laundry room - ha remember having to ever do that?)?

I got some of the new Tide Stain Remover for really cheap with a coupon and current sale and had the perfect opportunity to test it out when Trey had a nasty blowout. He's always providing me with great opportunities for things. Children are so great.

Here is your before picture. This is after I had scrubbed it down with soap (if eating, please stop chewing at this point):

Tide Test

While waiting for the outcome, Baby played Super Trey with Daddy and Grandpa...

Super Trey

...and Mike and I discussed how I prefer Trey in "butt tight" onsies and he likes them too big. If Trey could speak I'm sure he'd say something about wanting them to be just right.

When the dryer buzzed, this is what we pulled out:

Tide Test

He can wear it again!

Also, why is it that we always decide to start an episode of Bones during dinner? We never learn.


Kayla said...

Tide really does work miracles! Also, I really can't blame you for the whole Bones thing... It's my favorite TV show!

Katie said...

I always turn Bones on during dinner, I know EXACTLY what you mean.