Saturday, July 12, 2008

Latest News and Forthcoming Events!

Hello to family and friends!
First, I'd like to announce *officially* my first office job! I start on Monday as the accounting clerk for TLW Construction. I am very excited for this position and opportunity, but also pretty scared...although the controller above me and the rest of the office seem really laid back, accepting, and helpful. Hopefully I'll be able to pick everything up and take off with it running. Also, just as an intersting note, after I left the office for the first time, having just been extended the offer for the position from the controller, I received a call on my cell phone from Mr. Ted L. Williams (TLW) asking if I have an Uncle and Aunt named Richard and Linda Mackey. Apparently my new boss is my dad's brother's brother-in-law, or, my aunt's sister's husband. Not sure yet if that's a good or bad thing.
An extra plus about my new position is that I can earn 6 credits of my required business electives for ASU just because I work under a CPA. Is that not amazing? That means if I took my remaining four classes this fall semester I could graduate in December!....but, I'm just going to split it up. That would be too much for me at once.

Further announcements from the life of Shirley: it may be very likely that I will be moving into a house in Tempe come August, renting it with four other girls. This is very exciting for me, and am sure for Joe and Mary as well. One thing about moving into a house, though, is that you've got to have stuff to move in with. So, as my loved ones and dear appreciated friends, I ask that you be on the lookout for furniture and the likes that people might be trying to get rid of or will be selling within the next little bit. Please let me know if you know of anything or if anything comes up, and if you've got any trusted leads please follow them. I would be oh so incredibly grateful!

Have an enjoyable and relaxing rest of your weekend and a beautiful Sabbath. I love you all.

Shirley Elizabeth


Mary Ann & Joe Mackey said...

I'm about your new job. I love new things. I love the anticipation and the unknown of the new. I know you will do a great job and get some great experience. Good Luck!

The Vernon Mackeys said...

I'll keep my ears open for furniture. We have a mattress that you could borrow until we move Hannah out of her crib (which won't be for a few months at least). I'm not anxious to take away her bars (since she likes to wake up and party at 2am!!).

Morgan & Katie said...

congrats, shirley my woman!! although, i doubt this employer will pay for trips to europe....

Anonymous said...

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