Monday, January 26, 2009

Back to where I started

This morning Mike and I were singing "One eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater" in the bathroom. I had no idea what that verse was foretelling. On Saturday we had family pictures with Mike's family, during which Mike was a total stud and bum-hopped over a fence. Unfortunately, my glasses were in his back pocket. We discovered them pretty mangled, and that the left lense was forever lost in the river. After we found a place that could take me in and get me new eyes pronto, we had the dilemma: glasses or contacts? Glasses would definitely be cheaper, since my insurance would cover the exam and some of the frames, but contacts would mean that I could see right now, and not a week later.

I think the deciding factor was that Mike thinks I look better without glasses. So now I wear contacts.

AND am still getting used to them. Today I was working and my left eye popped out. I realized that I was seeing funny, but didn't figure out why till I saw my folded contact dried to the invoice I was working on. "Oh crud." So I tried to peel it off and learned that if a contact is stuck to something and you want to peel it off you have to wet it down or it will tear.

This wouldn't be so bad if my right contact had popped out, 'cause then I could just put on my glasses and have two eyes.

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