Monday, October 31, 2011

Let's follow Shirley's descent into awkwardness - Halloween style!

Halloween 1

Look at that adorable CareBear! (I have no idea what's up with Jacob. Are those pipe cleaners and cotton balls?)

Halloween 2

Awww. Apparently us three girls are princesses (and a Barbie). Holy incredible hair clip.

Halloween 3

I was probably Cat Woman every other Halloween growing up. When you've found something you can rock so well, why ever change?

Halloween 4

Ah! Holy all that Halloween stands for! Now THAT is scary.

Have fun Halloweening!


Katie said...

ahaha LOVE them. i haven't looked at my halloween pictures for awhile but i'm sure they are 10 times more awkward than any of those photos :)

christi said...

The boys loved looking at their daddy in his halloween costume!! Thanks for posting it! We dont have very many pictures of orrin when he was little. Super cute.

Jake said...

I was Dark Wing Duck. The pipe cleaners are part of the duck bill. I think Stacy made it. I also noticed that I wasn't in any of the other pictures. Reason being I left hours earlier for trick or treating and had Roller blades so that I could cover more ground.