Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Those Halcyon Days

Trey likes to pull apart our bookshelves. It's actually really cute how he jumps and knows he's doing something bad when I catch him. Today he pulled down and opened my high school yearbook from Freshman year. I started reading some of the things my classmates wrote to me and couldn't stop. Check out some of these gems:

"I do not have a stoker."

"You are too smart and I want some answers from you."

"You have a natural talent to dance or move. You are very flexible." (what in the crap? ha!)

"It was great trying to guess what song was stuck in your head."

"God is in the TV." (with a picture even)

"I have a tip: get better at jokes."

"Surely, you are funny and look like Julia."

"Always eat your vegetables." {recognize that J(no longer M)T?}

"Make sure that, no matter how desperate you are to date my brother, you wait until you're sixteen. Don't worry - you can date him as much as you want after that."

"I know you will remember me. I sit next to you." (deep words from my first serious crush)

Also, in slightly related news, I just watched the pilot episode of Gossip Girl and am already addicted. The things I do to myself.

And, since I can't leave you without something adorable to look at, behold, the child:


Playing Outside


The Tieman Family said...

Eat your veggies- was that me? it sounds like something I would write in a yearbook.

Katie said...

ahaha i love them. i feel like most people only wrote things like "have a good summer" in my yearbooks.

katilda said...

i mostly like that the first few sounded like those broken-english spam emails you get... "you have a natural talent to dance or move." "you are too smart and i want some answers from you." ...."your blog good sell chicken on ebay." (ok i drummed that last one up to drive the point home.)

Connie said...

I can't get enough of that last picture. So reminds me of my chubby baby Brody who is now a ginormous (almost four year old) kid. They grow up fast! Love it while you can! *sigh...