Friday, January 6, 2012

Darn Vestibular

Have you ever missed out on half of your trip around Scandinavia because your head was stuck between your knees?

Have you ever made a fool of yourself by throwing up out your friend's car window?

Do you want to punch the director of every movie that has a spinning scene? (there are other ways to show the passing time!)

Do you ever have to take breaks while doing household chores to sit and shake off the nausea?

Have you given up on ever being able to decorate or watch someone decorate the Christmas tree again?

Has the motion sickness from doing twenty measly morning sit-ups ever put you out for the entire morning and afternoon?

If not, then stop right now and offer thanksgivings for your blessed life. On the other hand, if you suffer through any of these experiences, come commiserate with me. 

I should probably see a doctor about this.


Katie said...

Yeah that doesn't sound good. Definitely go to a doctor.

Ruthann said...

Hey Shirley! Thanks for you comment! I do have a pattern for some adult sized slippers, but I haven't made a pair yet. As soon as I do, you'll be the first person I tell!

Connie said...

Hmmm... more than a vestibular problem? Lil swimmer perhaps?

So anyways... your comment! Probably my favorite one because I had no idea epidurals slowed things. (Makes sense. DUH Connie!) It really gives me more motivation to stick out the pain for at least an hour longer than I usually do- and have the nurse tell me of my progress. If there isn't much, bring the drugs! If there's lots, well... maybe I can man up and take the pain. (Man up.... psh;)

Or maybe I can just commit to natural before the fact and nix the drugs altogether. Ahhh... I'm too scared to at this point.

David Scherer said...

Have you had children? Often the pushing during labor causes damage to the tubes in the ear responsible for your balance and equilibrium and is fairly common in women who've had children.

To the best of my knowledge it's repairable via surgery, but I can't remember but yes, go see a doctor it could be something even more serious.