Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Last night I stayed up till way super early this morning working on an audit project. I'm pretty sure I dominated it, which is needed for passing the class and always makes me feel good (I gain life-substance from writing killer papers). Currently, though, I am dying due to lack of the sleeping-substance (and a random unfulfilled morning craving for green beans). This is all my fault. Most often when I stay up all night studying or working on a paper it is not because I put it off forever, but really because it just took me that long to feel good about it. This time: not so.

So what was I doing instead in all that time that I could have analyzed the company and written it up? Here is my list:
  • (I love green)
  • Thursday after classes in the hours that I had just waiting for Mike I...blogged, browsed the nets, and watchedd an episode of the Office (but Mike would kill me if he knew!)
  • Friday after work I bought fruitsnacks for $1 at Safeway (I think that sale is on till tonight) and watched a movie with Mike. Didn't even think of the paper.
  • Saturday morning I slept in. Mike woke up, put my adorable shelf liner in my kitchen drawers (!!! I love it! It's still a surprise every time I open one!), went and helped people move, and then played basketball. I finally woke up, scrubbed the bathroom and the kitchen (bing!), did all the laundry (really, laundry takes up so much time. a perfect procrastination-time-filler), and started one of my favorite books again, A Tale of Two Cities. Mike says I read everything that's not my text book. Could be true.
  • Sunday was the Sabbath (BUT we did go to my parents and score major shopping in their pantries!)
  • So comes Monday. The day before it's due (at 7:30am). I have work all day, but get off way early. Perfect time to get to school work! But no. I invite Natalie over and we chat (hopefully this becomes something of a regular thing), and, since I have no willpower when caught up in a story, turn again to my Charles Dickens.
  • At about 9:00 Mike opened pinball on his computer. He played some games, and after totally sucking I had to take over. I played one game (without having played before) and beat all of his high scores by about three million. It took him about two hours to beat it. I rule. Disclosing this is the sole reson for my blogging today.

After trashing him, Mike made me start my project. I stayed up till the way early in the morning and am now very tired.

I also do have to add how Mike let me sleep till 6:45 and set up the printer so I could print my assignment and made lunch and breakfast for himself and me and pointed the space heater towards my side of the bed so it'd be warmer when I got up and even started packing my gym bag for me.


Natalie Ann Ingram said...

OK so I did feel a little bit bad that I stayed so long yesterday and kept you from your project...but now I don't feel so bad since you would have found something else to distract you.

I am sure it will happen again...yay for living next to the freeway and on my way home from school!

Mauri said...

Hey! That's so fun you found me on Lauren's blog! Yes I work @ Wright Connection & it's funny because Ted Williams is my aunts husband and yeah you work for him! Small world! I'm jealous you used to work @ Anthropologie. I'm obsessed w/that store. aahhh! LOVE! Yay now we can be bloggy friends :)

Marcindra LaPriel said...

Thanks for your comments. And to answer your question, no. The system doesn't tell me when someone is following my blog annonymously. For all I know I could have seven creepy stalkers! Hmm....interesting.

And I think green is a good color as well. That reminds me. I have a cd titled "Green is my favorite color, by far" by Ryan Morse. His music is pretty amazing. You should check him out some time.

Anonymous said...

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