Friday, February 6, 2009

“I am the literary equivalent of a Big Mac and Fries.” -Stephen King

The sole purpose of this post is to express my disappointment in Burger King fries. If you don't care about that, you may move on.

I'm not at all a fast-food person. Mike got a gift card to Pete's Fish & Chips so we used that the other week, but besides that I really can't remember the last time I got fast-food. Except for freedom fries. For some reason at the end of the day I crave -- hard core craving -- salt. Salt and ice, but not together. Very often this translates into a craving for freedom fries. I honestly only give into this craving every couple months (although when I was going crazy with work, school, and wedding prep Mike was very kind to me and turned his head when I indulged a little more).

Yesterday Mike had class till nine. My last class ends after 4:00. One thing I love about a schedule like this is that it gives me an opportunity to hit up the SRC every Tuesday and Thursday. After I had finished there I mosied over to the MU to set up camp for the evening. And then the craving struck. I turned the idea over in my mind.

I had only $10 in my account since Mike and I have been putting all our monies into his.

Neither of us were going to get any form of dinner till we returned home at 9:30 or later.

Freedom fries isn't much of a dinner.

I had just swam over a quarter mile and then run about four, dropping on the field every four minutes to do 60 crunches (I think up interesting workouts for myself. but it works for me. I used to do cartwheels every time I turned around when I would do speed runs on the canal). I could afford it.

Unhealthy is unhealthy no matter how you say it.

I can convince myself I lack the willpower.


I walked downstairs and got two orders of fries from Burger King. I was really excited about this, because I love freedom fries and because now I had an excuse to pack up and visit Mike during his ten minute break from class. Seeing Mike is always the most fun of anything. As we ate and visited I became increasingly saddenned by my freedom fries. My taste buds and stomach told me that these definitely were NOT worth it. The clincher was when we found an onion ring in Mike's freedom (which explained the overall onion ring taste). In that moment I remembered the last time I ate Burger King. It was High School. Freshman year. In between the Saturday matinee and evening showings of the play I was in. A tater-tot showed up in my fries. I was surprised. It was the nastiest thing ever.

And so, the moral of yesterday evening, and of this post, is that I will never again indulge in BK fries. I guess you can't expect freedom worth eating from any kind of monarch.

Last night Mike told me I have the cutest tush ever :-).


heidi said...

girl - you are out of control! ya - fries are a tough one... when you actually get to indulge they better be super good!!!

Dawn said...

i love it when you blog :)

Anonymous said...

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