Thursday, September 24, 2009


And I can't frickin' wait! But really I have to. Till February.

Now, as some people may know, I love and live to run. More than Mike does for college football (mine's year round! beat that!). I sometimes truly honestly wish that I could quit work and just concentrate on my running and being awesome. Honestly, I am not very good -- but I absolutely strive to be. I can run for a pretty long time. I have the endurance to be able to pick up and run an hour after not running for a long time, and I have a level enough head (or maybe it's the opposite) to be able to stand/love an upwards of three hour run when in shape and 80 mile weeks (though I haven't done that since getting engaged). Can you imagine how amazing it would be to be a real runner and just run all the time and do 200 mile weeks? makes my shoulders go weak.

SO. My excitement: I am going to be one of a twelve-woman team to run 36 legs of a 202-mile relay race from Prescott to Mesa. One plus of the course is that it's coming back down into the valley, so there'll be plenty of downhill! Looking at the course map, though, there will be plenty of tough legs, too.

TO MY FAMILY: I hope to claim leg 23 because it passes right by my parents' house out in carefree, and I expect everyone to be out there cheering me on - even if it's at three in the morning.

See? The little black circle is their house, and the red line covering the Carefree Highway is leg 23. Just as I said: right by. If you zoom out it looks a lot closer.

TO MIKE'S FAMILY: Lap 36 (the very last lap) runs right by your house -- even more right by than my parents'. I would draw on another map image, but it would be so zoomed in order to see just how close it passes that people would be able to see in your windows, and that's not safe to post on the internet. We'll just suffice it to say that it is within a two-minute's walk of your front door, right on McClellan and Grand. I do not quite feel comfortable asking for the last leg of the race, since I think that might belong to the captain, but I'll be there all the same.

Is this not the coolest thing? If you want to run....I can see if we're still wanting girls. I don't know yet who all is on the team, or if we even have 12 yet.

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Anonymous said...

this is officially my last blog comment ever, feel loved.

I want in.


Mauri said...

That's awesome! I've heard of that from someone but didn't quite know EXACTLY what it was. I love to run too. I have pretty good endurance also. I think a lot of running is mind over matter. It helps when you can focus & push through what seems like a far run. Good Luck!

PS Where are you working now?!?

Fiery Jack said...

I'm pretty sure I get more out of a 5 month college football season than you get out of a year of running.

Jake said...

"so I could concentrate on running and being awesome"
best quote ever.

Connie said...

OHH!!! I was so going to do this last year! But I couldn't leave Brody! I REALLY want to do this! There are a few things that might not work out... but let me know if you need someone else! That would be somuchfun!

Connie said...

Hey thanks for volunteering Mike.. I was hoping he'd win :p

Nat said...

Dear Shirley,

You have a Sunday blog that has no posts. I find this interesting.


heidi said...

you are fun! i would never ever have the guts to do that! so fun for you!

Devin & Ruthann said...

Some girls in my ward are thinking about doing this...we'll see...

And I totally have that passion for running like you!

Devin & Ruthann said...

The girl I'm training for my marathon just told me about it today. I will find out how serious they are. E-mail me and I'll get back to you.