Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Once upon a time I had a very adorable cake platter (among my many platters. I love platters) that was my favorite and I loved. It even looked good just on display with nothing on it. But a terrible thing happened one day when I dropped it and it broke. into three pieces. and I would have cried if my sister and her family had not been there.

So recently I've been looking around to see if that cake pedestal is still on the market, you know, since it's Christmas and I could maybe get away with saying purchasing a replacement can be a Christmas present. Unfortunately, I haven't found it. But look at this adorable one I did see on the Crate and Barrel website:

And look! Matching plates!

How adorable would it be to serve up on those? There are also matching bowls to the set, that would be so fun to serve frozen pleasures in. Gee whiz, the world is full of beautiful things.


Mauri said...

Sorry about your cake plate. If it makes you feel any better I went and bought a few more ornaments for my tree last night & within an hour I dropped one and it had to land directly on another one & shatter it. It still had the tag on it too :( Having things break is the worst. Even if they are just "things" I hope you find a replacement. Check Home Goods in TJ Maxx on Stapely & baseline. They always have some seriously cute cake plates! LOVE the stuff from Crate & Barrel you found though. So cute!

Seneca said...

That is simply an ADORABLE set! Is this post a hint to Mike? If it is, well done.

shirley elizabeth said...

Well honestly it's not a hint. I mean, I have no scruples against owning these pieces, but I rather think that after the platter, enough plates to serve and bowls to match, it would be quite an expensive gift. So for all of my wealthy friends out there.....holla.

Camille said...

I, too, have a serious obsession with cake plates. Unfortunately for me, everything I've ever piled onto one has looked like poop. I'm not so good with cake-baking.

Anyway, that one is lovely. I hope you get it.

One year on the day after Christmas, I bought a trifle dish at a kitchen store on super sale, and loved it to pieces---literally. I put it in the basement, all neat and tidy in its box, until I was ready to use it, but before I ever could, the boxed Christmas tree toppled over onto the unassuming trifle dish and SMASHED! it to a million tiny bits.

What a waste of money. And a valuable lesson to me that artificial Christmas trees are of the devil.

Connie said...

holy cuteness. I got like 132 cake platters for my wedding (ok like 4) but I got rid of them all thinking I didn't want one. I've wanted one for forever now. Glad I didn't get a plain glass one at walmart now that I know these are out there!

indeazgirl said...

I saw these the other day! I love them!!