Friday, May 21, 2010


I have never burned rice. I've never used a rice maker, but my rice always turns out perfect and fluffy. unless it's instant rice. While convenient, instant rice never comes out "perfect."
I assigned the lamest and most annoying ring tone to the blood bank's number so I would know when it was them (and know to not answer. They never understand when I tell them I'll set up my appointments online). The problem with this is that they call at the most inconvenient times when I never expect the call, and when there are plenty around to be interrupted by the loudest, lamest, most annoying ring tone. I keep meaning to change that.
My nephew was born this morning. He doesn't have a name yet. In my head he's "Number 25." Or Jesus (spanish pronunciation). His parents are Joseph and Mary.
I grant everything the right to live except cockroaches and earwigs. and the huge ugly palm tree in our front yard. no right.
I suck at pac man.
excitation = throwing a baby shower!


Malita Bingham said...

You are too funny! Congrats on becoming an aunt again. I hope I get up to 25!

Jake said...

For whom is this baby shower?

shirley elizabeth said...

For Val! If Rindy happens to be in town, it's the twelfth.

Joseph Mackey said...

Maybe you suck at packman because you grant all of the gohsts the right to live. Just think about it.