Monday, July 12, 2010

This top

Looks like crap on this model:

but absolutely adorable on this chica:

and I super want it.

Also, I think I have the flu. unfair. and crappy.
(actually, I learned that the stomach flu or 24-hour flu have nothing to do with the real flu. I don't have the real flu. Just a fake one.)


christi said...

I have had that shirt in my hand 3 different times ready to buy it and I never end up doing it. 2X at Down East and 1X at the BYU Bookstore. Should have gotten it. :)

Kyle and Katie Willman said...

I totally saw that shirt the other day and even told Kyle about it because I lobed it so much! Maybe that menas you shouldn't get it... because apparently everyone else will be wearing it, too! (Or maybe not since everyone whol likes it never ends up buying it, huh? :) ) Oh, and maybe you don't have the flu at all... maybe you're just pregnant!!

shirley elizabeth said...

Oh Katie, I AM pregnant! but I'm already mostly through pregnant sickness, or at least know the difference. But this sucks just as much.

Connie said...

I hope you feel better! Being sick while prego is the absolute WORST.

Mauri said...

oh my gosh, cute top! And CONGRATS on being pregnant! How exciting :)

heidi said...

That top is in Downeast basics shop... and they are having a 30% off sale tomorrow (which beats seagull books 20% off). you should buy it cuz it would look AMAZING on you!!!

and i just heard from will guy that you are having a baby.... HOOOORAY!! congrats you two!!! so super exciting! keep us updated! when are you due? (sorry you are sick. sickness on top of prego sickness is NEVER fun.) let me know if you need anything.:)

Stephanie said...

A. The shirt is adorable.
B. So glad you only have the fake flu. If it was real I would feel sorry for you.

smile.... hope you feel better.

Connie said...

btw I saw that top at the DEB on Val Vista since I've been home. You should get it if you haven't already!

And... I wanted to say Thank you for thinking about me on my bday. I hope your birthday was wonderful too! I don't have your number- we should fix that.