Tuesday, October 26, 2010

US Declaration of Silence

So, based on the premise that someone might be sensitive and go kill himself, we are not supposed to say anything that would ever offend anyone.

Makes perfect sense.


Gina said...

Also, you should know that if you say something that could be construed as offensive, regardless of sexual orientation, and the person you say it to is gay, it will be thought of as homophobic.

Example: "You put your shoes on the wrong feet. You're 22. You're an idiot." everyone around you hears "You're a gay idiot and I hate you for it."

Caley and Jason said...

ha. even as I contemplate a sarcastic comment to leave behind I type and delete, type and delete because the way i REALLY feel might offend someone.

Caley and Jason said...

oh. and i also love how perez hilton, kathy griffin and wanda sykes are heading this "stop the bullying" situation. All three of you are bullies for a living!!! I can't think of 3 other people who are more vicious!