Monday, November 15, 2010

Last night I turned off the lights, strung out some of the new Christmas lights we got, and sat in the center of the room looking at them.

Usually dogs that see you regularly get used to you. Our neighbor's dog is so used to me that it now comes into our driveway to bark it's head off at me. I keep myself from kicking it by saying that it's not the dog's fault it was never introduced to discipline and care, and feeling bad that the negligence will probably get it kicked.
But for real I wouldn't kick a barking dog anyway.

I don't really sleep at night anymore. So that means I've been staying in bed till eight or nine trying to make up for it. It hasn't been working. I'm still just exhausted.

I think we had people over or went out with people every day but one last week. Holy scrud my husband is a social bug. If you ever want to hang out, Mike would love to have you over.

Squishy grapes disgust me. I only take 'em crunchy. Mike doesn't eat peaches because he doesn't like the texture, which is weird to me, since they are delicious.

I have lately had the craving to make apple and peach pies, but right now will instead make some soup, find a new crossword or sudoku, and take it to bed.

I could possibly even be asleep by the time Mike gets home from work. Cross your fingers.


Devin & Ruthann said...

Devin won't eat a squishy grape for a million bucks. And, he won't eat California peaches b/c of the texture. Only Utah peaches. Has Michael ever had a peach from Utah? They are the best fruit on earth, seriously.

Dawn said...

who wants to be in line at midnight with a bunch of HP addicts?
our friends dad rented out the theatre on midnight and we're going to watch it with his family and staff.
minus the annoying kids.

heidi said...

GRR me either! I'm awake from like 2am-5am every night! so frustrating. sleeping in doesn't fly around here though. the kids would never get to school. ha ha. and apple and peach pie has been on my baking list too, but i hold off cuz we don't like pie so much here. what is it with that!? ha ha.

The Robinsons said...

Squishy grapes are disgusting...I give those ones to my kids :) HAHAHAA! (only sometimes)

I wish we had time to hang out with friends all the time. Derrick is too worn out when he gets home from school and done studying on school nights.

I LOVE making apple pies but I don't like eating them.

Some randomness to add to your fun blog! Miss you guys!