Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Games and Guns

Mike works super overtime right now, to make the extension deadline, which leaves Trey and I cooped up in the house with little outside contact till he gets home at eight or nine (PLEASE come play with us). I may just go crazy. So it's nice for us to get a fun break from the tedium.

Pizza Night

Daddy and Trey, both focused on their pizza and the game.


We went shooting for the holiday. Mike's dad has some pretty impressive guns, to go along with my pretty impressive aim (wink). It was the perfect weather for it, and made me want to go hike the hills instead of shoot at them (which would have been a death sentence with everyone out there taking advantage of the holiday) but it was lots of fun.

(thanks for the gif help Connie! I'm addicted.)

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Katie said...

Those pictures are pretty cool!!!