Sunday, September 18, 2011

While visiting my parents' this weekend, I went up to my sister's room with the intent to feed my baby, but instead came down with an armful of shirts to borrow.

From my 14 year old sister.

And, no joke, I'm excited to wear the cute stuff.

I am a bit stumped by this situation. You see, this is me at 14:

Stake Dance

That's right. Loads and

YW Activity

LOADS of style. But we've discussed all this and you already knew that.

P.S. Where ever you may be, take part in Museum Day! Request a ticket at the Smithsonian Magazine website (link) for free admission for two people to most museums this Saturday. We've got ours. Will you join us?


Katie said...

Seriously, I feel like I didn't even know what style was at age 14. Either I was just totally out of the loop or 14-year-olds are getting way more stylish.

Anonymous said...

glad to know it's going to be museum day!
Which one are you guys going to go to?

Connie said...

I know, what's the deal? I'll just echo what Katie said. My thoughts exactly.

christi said...

Love the old pictures! So Cute!

Tyler and Emily said...

I sometimes shop in the little girls section at stores and get the extra large...I think some of their clothes are so cute. This weekend, I got a shirt at Old Navy from the girl's section.