Wednesday, November 18, 2009

i want

… to not have to sing tonight. or perform at all.

… daylight to stay longer. darn solstices.

… to watch alias. i miss sydney.

… saturday to be here already. for real.

… mike.

… to tell a someone a something secret that i can’t tell yet.

… time to read the library books i’ve got before they’re due.

… to quote hook right now.

… something salty.

… to not have to deal with work.

… a smoothie. or perhaps a mushy.

… sleep. naturally.


Camille said...

I don't know what a mushy is, but it sounds dreadful.

Alias, on the other hand, would be amazing. Memories of senior year Christmas brake Alias memories come rushing back. That was the life.

Mauri said...

I love making a list of things I want at any given moment. Such randomness is great. What are you singing/performing for?

Um isn't that girl on MBP a freakin RETARD? Seriously...

Where are you working now?

Adele said...

hi there! (:

I'm so flattered you like my name (you have my parents to thank for that) but anyway it's pronounced like how this sounds "A well"..thus "A dele" haha! (; see u around! xx