Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Today is Tuesday and it is the last day of my work-week.


Tonight Mike and I are skipping town and setting off for places far more cold (regrettably). By this time tomorrow we will be catching up some sleep at my sister’s in Provo, and by sunset Wednesday should be pulling into my Aunt and Uncle’s place in southern Idaho. All of this (minus the cold) puts me into a very good mood, despite the fact that I was up way too late putting audio books on Mike’s iPod for the trip and woke up with just enough time to not put on any make-up and head out the door. For this reason, I am going to take a couple minutes (waiting to use our super slow printer here at work) and will share with you some of the things making me smile:

•My yawns are so big my that throat makes frog noises at the climax.

•I noticed that Jamyn (our intern, “jammin”) looks very good in the boots she is wearing today. She has good shaped legs for boots. I don’t see that often.

•We received more holiday basket magazines today. I love shredding.

•Mike texted me: thanks for not being super lame/trendy at life. I like that about you.
•He is cool

•Thursday night I found these long-sleeved blouses (yes Heidi, I said blouses – but I don’t know what else to call them!) that fit me amazingly comfortably and sexylike for only $6.50 each and I now own four colors and have worn at least one every day since then. And probably will for the rest of winter. I only wish they had more colors.

•I just realized that I haven’t yet zipped my zipper today.

•One of our trades that would like to gain back our favor just walked in the door (as I type) (and zip my zipper) with two boxes of donuts for us. Among two boxes there’s got to be ONE that I won’t turn my nose up at!

•Ooh just think about all the goodies trades will be sending/bringing us for the holidays! One of the pluses of working for a general contractor around Christmas.

•Mike's the smartest guy I know and fixed our speedometer!

•My Aunt and Uncle have an amazing house and yard/field area. It’s been years since I’ve been there! Although…I’ve never visited in the winter….kinda scared.

•Our printer at the office that acts as a perpetual dog whistle will soon be replaced.

•Road tripping with Mike!!


Seneca said...

First of all I love this post, brightened up my day. Second of all I saw a picture of you on fb and you were wearing a smashing white coat and looked gorgeous! Props!

Mauri said...

fun fun! Enjoy your trip & don't freeze!!

I love random posts like this. As I do them often :)

You never said where you were working now?

I wish people would bring us goodies. We have to keep our gate shut because we have a drunken black homeless guy that always comes in asking for money. I'm pretty much scared sitting in here everyday haha!

Devin & Ruthann said...

Where did you find those "blouses"?

Camille said...

The zipper on a jacket or the zipper on your jeans? I must know.

heidi said...

i think you should post a picture of your blouses. :)
Taite called her shirt a blouse the other day and I about died laughing!
have fun on your trip! hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Fiery Jack said...

You're the best! Our trip was amazing and eventful and loads of fun... and all the better because it was with you!