Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Facts of (Stock) Life

FACT: We are not cupcake people.
Lots of people seem to be nowadays. I think there's a new little cupcake shop in every strip mall. If all that was offered for dessert was cupcakes, Mike would just go without (till we got home anyway). Cake is so much easier - and cheaper!

FACT: I was out of the habit of being productive for way too long.
I blame the pregnancy, but I'm pretty sure it was coming on before then. Really, my laziness was embarrassing. I now have a daily checklist to get through each day. Productivity = happiness. And I think Mike likes me better, too.

FACT: All synonyms at dictionary.com for productivity mean "fertility."
Yeah.....um, I think I still hold to the previous equation.

FACT: Doing laundry makes me motion sick.
I had to lay down for a long time after packing up all of Trey's "old clothes." It's usually not that bad.

FACT: Lots of things make me motion sick.
In the picture on my header I was actually really sick. I had wasted a half week in Denmark getting over plane sickness to get on a boat and become even sicker (hence the soup). I wonder what life would be like without it.

FACT: Mike and I are best friends.
He told me so. It's just the greatest thing.

FACT: Mopping angers me because of the mop streaks left in the wake.
Natalie likes to laugh at my mopping routine, but mop lines drive me crazy. PLEASE teach me how to get rid of them.

FACT: Every time a blogger says, "I'm making my blog private," there is a blog somewhere that falls down dead.
For real. Sure, you get a VIP spot in my sidebar so I can access you, but I only remember to get to those once every three weeks or so. And who wants to comment at that point?

FACT: Trey eats. Many things.
Yellow flowers
Eating Flowers
Pink flowers (these are not as good, apparently)
Eating Flowers
Eating Toes
Uno Cards
Eating Cards

FACT: I love having fresh flowers to decorate with.
Love love love. Still have some of my birthday flowers out.

FACT: The digital library is the best thing.
I download and listen to books all the time. Really works along great with the being productive thing. Oh and with having a momma's boy.

FACT: This picture makes my teeth tingle just wanting to eat up those thighs.
Holy Thighs!


The Robinsons said...

I love those thighs too! And the Facts about the Stock's. I like making cupcakes. They are less intimidating than decorating a whole cake. And if you mess up, It's okay there are a lot more.

P.S. We lived in Evergree ward for 2 years while Derrick went to ASU. Hmmm...I believe it was from June 2006-June 2008. I think.

P.P.S. I miss you!

Seneca said...

Fact: You are hilarious.
This might be one of my favorite posts yet. And is it just me (probably) but aren't cupcakes a little bit awkward to eat?

Blueberry said...

The baby look Cute !