Thursday, August 11, 2011

Where I Been At

What have I been up to so far this week?

1. Finishing out some work stuff. It really shouldn't be so hard for me to get it all done with just one kid, but for some reason it is. It's like trying to work with kryptonite in my pocket.

2. Cleaning up lots of baby vomit. Yay vomit!

3. Being sufficiently nauseous myself.

4. Eating a holy number of ice cream snickers bars (after the nausea passed, of course). Why oh why did I buy those?

5. Getting really sad about the violence across the pond. Yay violence! (not really yay, but every time I hear any "v" word I'm reminded of a Fairly Odd Parents episode and automatically "Yay v-word" goes through my head.)

6. Pining after running trails.

7. Talking to lots of inspectors and insurance people.

8. Getting to know my cool new phone.

9. Catching up on Glee Project. Quite honestly, I am not a huge fan of Glee. It is a zero percent accurate portrayal of high school and pretty much just promotes teen sex. Plus, 3/4 of the show is, "I'm gay so no one likes me." Really, we get it; you don't have to say it again every week. But anyway, Esther friend mentioned The Glee Project one day and, truth, it's so much more entertaining than the series. Yes, the kids are so dramatic and some extremely annoying, but at least I can get through an entire episode. Also, this line:

"The back of my neck says 'Jesus Christ.' Seriously."

10. While on the topic of shows, not watching Prison Break. We are not on speaking terms. Really, why would you kill off the love interest?? Kill the boy! But then you think up some retarded reason that she really didn't die later because you realized your mistake in killing her off in the first place? I hate you. Plus, I was getting too attached to Scoffield. I don't believe in that.

11. This:

Speaking of which, I've gotta get back to that.


Alexis Kaye said...

bahah! number 11 is my favorite!

Love, Alexis

Long Stories said...

hahahahah! I love that you checked it out! I totally agree about Glee--Jake and I hate the ongoing Kirk saga: I'M DIFFERENT AND PROUD--EXCEPT FOR WHEN PEOPLE HATE ON ME 'CAUSE I'M GAY!

Like... we get it... so yeah. I have enjoyed the Glee Project. I think it's interesting hearing from the writers of the show and seeing what it is they're thinking.

katielizabethawkes said...

bahaha. i love your thoughts on Glee....i echo them wholeheartedly. Ima look into this glee project you speak of.

Anonymous said...

I've been keeping up with The Glee Project too! lol I like watching it.
His Jesus tattoo comment was so funny.
They're trying to bring back Cameron as the potential religious character on the show through Sam's worship on the back his neck.

I'll be so pe'ved if Alex, the gay kid wins. The show can't handle anymore "gayness". You're right about the 3/4 being about that. It's so annoying.

Mars said...

I'm not a big Glee fan either. But I am a fan of cute babies and yours is simply adorable! I stopped watching prison break after season 1 but I should watch it all starting from season 1 because it was addicting!