Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lists: Last Week Edition

Self-Inflicted Injuries:
  • two-inch burn on my hand from the oven
  • black eye from walking into the wall
  • cut lip - Amidala lips - from walking into the door
  • gash in the knee from crawling out of Trey's room without him seeing me
  • paper cut
  • paper cut
  • more burns
  • Sunday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Friday
  • Sunday
  • :-)
Phrases Most Often Said at Trey:
  • What is your deal?
  • You just like me for my body.
  • Ooh I love your chubs!
  • WHAT is your deal?
Rooms I Endlessly Cleaned Yet Defiantly Stayed Messy:
  • Kitchen
  • Great Room
  • Front Bedroom (that we call the Back Bedroom)
  • Master Bathroom (Trey's favorite play room)
  • Note: All other areas of the house were given license to stay in whatever state they desired
 New Shows We Got to Watch Again:
  • Parks and Rec
  • Modern Family
  • Community
  • The Office (not big fans anymore; hulu was on auto play)
  • Glee (I think we watched it)
  • The Lying Game (I watch this because I'm dumb. Really, I can't think of any reason to watch it besides it's on earlier in the week.)
Nail Colors Attempted Yet Ruined Because I Have a Baby:
  • Red (a few times over)
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Sea-Foam Green
  • Orangey-Red
Sisters I Got to See:
  • Mandy
  • Jill
  • Julia
  • Val
  • Jess (newest SIL)
  • Becca
  • Kendra (let's just be hopeful and count her here)
  • All the rest of you - next girls night in Oct - COME
UPDATED to add:  Things I Lost A Million Times Over and Spent Way Too Much Time Looking For:
  • My glasses
  • Nail polish and accessories
  • Trey's binkies
  • My phone
(Mike is adding to my list)
  • Tweezers
  • Lotion
  • Neosporin
  • My mind


    Katie said...

    Ahaha. I lose my wallet, keys, and cell phone ALL THE TIME. You'd think - since a cell phone makes noise and all - that it would be hard to lose. But NO. Not so. I somehow manage it almost daily.

    And next time you guys are planning a cabin trip let us know! :)

    katilda said...

    when i first read the list of items lost i read "binkies" as "bikinis." well....we each have our own parenting styles. i'm not here to judge.

    Connie said...

    Haha! Oh man I hope your face/leg/etc are okay! I say "what's your deal" to my kids all the time. Brody now says it to ME.

    "What's your DEAL mom!?" haha

    Jake said...

    Shirley would agree with you about the office. We also like the new girl (jury is still out on that one) and up all night (this one is really good)